Answers to Your Vehicle Donation Questions

Kars4Vets  makes the vehicle donation process easy, towing is free and donations are tax deductible. All proceeds benefit disabled and wounded veterans. Get all your car donation questions answered below.



Q: Who is the Veterans Workshop?

 A: The Veterans Workshop, operating the car donation program “Kars4Vets” is a national Veterans organization developing programs for Blind, Deaf and Paralyzed American Veterans.



Q: How does Kars4Vets make a difference?

A: As a result of our generous car donors, Kars4Vets has been able to provide quality training programs that have helped Blind, Deaf and Paralyzed veterans across the country (see programs and outreach page). Your support is needed and appreciated.



Q: How does the tax deduction work?

 A: The IRS allows a donor to claim the fair market value up to $500 for a donated vehicle. However, if the charity sells the donated vehicle for over $500, the IRS allows the donor to claim the selling price as a tax deduction. Veterans Workshop evaluates each donated vehicle to obtain the highest possible selling price for the vehicle in an effort to generate funds for our veterans and to maximize the donor’s tax deduction.
Find the IRS tax publication here: http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/p4303.pdf



Q: Do I need a title to donate my car?

A: Yes. You must have a clear title (no liens) to donate your car. If there is a lien holder and/or a secured party listed on the title, we must have a copy of the lien release along with the title even if the lien has been paid off.



Q: How does my donated vehicle get picked up?

A: After you have made arrangements to donate your vehicle, one of our professional towing companies will call you to arrange a convenient date to pick up your vehicle.



Kars4Vets,  a program of the Veterans Workshop is not affiliated or associated, nor is it in any way connected to Kars4Kids.  .


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