Baltimore County exhibit honors Vietnam War veterans

Baltimore County exhibit honors Vietnam War veterans

Veteran Headstones

War stories can be found in countless books at any community library.

But at the Baltimore County library in Towson, you can experience those stories in a different way: directly through the men and women who served.

Organizers of this initiative said it is a way to thank those who served while educating people at the same time. At the library, this includes a Vietnam War veterans’ exhibit.

Julie Brophy with the library system said the exhibit is a piece of a project years in the making to salute Vietnam Veterans by Maryland Public Television. The exhibit recognizes the men and women in Maryland who served in the war.

“This exhibit really puts a face to those personal stories and those stories are important to remember to honor them and to learn about ourselves, too,” Brophy said.

Brophy said that in a place that is all about learning, the hope is that visitors get a lesson outside of the books.

“What we learn in school about history, whether it’s the Vietnam War or WWII are facts, straight facts,.and not those personal stories,” Brophy said.

Brophy said the exhibit is intended for all ages so there’s an area where children can draw a picture, write something or leave a message for a veteran. The plan for the library is that they can use this exhibit as another way to connect with veterans.

The library has a book club for veterans and a writing group coming up. The exhibit will be at the Towson branch until Feb. 7.


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