Connecticut veterans rally against cuts to Honor Guards at funerals

Connecticut veterans rally against cuts to Honor Guards at funerals

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A proposed budget cut that would stop the funding for some of the honor guard at funerals for Connecticut veterans prompted one veteran to organize a rally at the State Capitol Wednesday. Everyone knows the state is in a budget crisis, but many believe this cut goes too far.

If you’ve ever been to a funeral for a military veteran you know that there is a solemn ceremony where a military guard folds the flag and presents it to the family, and a bugler plays taps. Then, some families opt for rifles to be fired in tribute.

It is this second part of the ceremony that the Governor’s budget proposes to cut. The Governor’s proposal would not eliminate honor guards completely, just the part involving the firing of rifles in tribute. It’s a move to save the state money.

This proposal caused veterans groups statewide to organize and rally at the State Capitol. The State’s new Senate President, Martin Looney (D – New Haven), told News 8 that there’s no way this proposal is going to pass, and the state will find the money somewhere to keep this aspect of the honor guard available.

It costs the state less than $500,000 per year for the ammunition and personnel for the tributes.


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