Veteran, amputee helps others through fitness

Veteran, amputee helps others through fitness

Brevard veteran of D-Day, Battle of the Bulge dies at 90

An Army veteran is using his experiences to help others get physically fit.

“The only ceiling is the one we put on ourselves,” says CrossFit Coach, Derick Carver.

Carver recently moved to Northeast Ohio to open Chagrin Falls CrossFit, but his road to fitness started years ago with football and heavy lifting.

In 2009, Carver was deployed to Afghanistan. In 2010 he was medevaced to Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

“In the Army we have to be ready for anything.”

He and his platoon were on a dismounted patrol to open a school for what Carver says was about 2,000 children.

“On the way in we were ambushed,” he recalls. “There was a daisy chain, seven IEDs (improvised explosive devices) went off and we then followed it up with small arms fire and the result was I ultimately lost my leg.”

The experience was life-changing for Carver.

“It’s not just about looking better naked. It’s not just about having a six pack. It’s about living longer and having more quality years in that life.”

He’s started a group he hopes will become a non-profit.

Team Some Assembly Required is made up of an elite group of adaptive athletes, veterans and civilians, who compete nationwide.

“I don’t care whatsoever about losing a leg. That’s just a bad day at work,” Carver says. “The harder part is knowing I lost soldiers and other people were wounded in the process and that being the guy that makes the decisions, in charge and it being your mission, your plan, your operation, that’s a rough day sometimes. Everything is for them.”


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