Brooklyn co-op charged with discriminating against disabled veteran

Brooklyn co-op charged with discriminating against disabled veteran

A Brooklyn cooperative development is in hot water with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development for refusing to allow a disabled veteran to keep an emotional support dog and threatening the veteran and his wife with eviction in retaliation for filing a fair housing complaint.

HUD is charging Trump Village IV, a 1,144-unit Coney Island co-op, and Igor Oberman, the president of the Trump Village IV board of directors, with violating the rights of Eugene Ovsishcher, a combat veteran with a psychiatric disability, and his wife, Galina.

According to HUD, the Trump Village IV (pictured above, source: has a “no pets” policy, but the Ovsishchers applied for a waiver to that policy in August 2011 so that they could keep an emotional support dog, based on the recommendation of Eugene’s psychiatrist and primary care physician.

Despite providing a copy of the dog’s picture, license and a letter from Ovsishcher’s doctor explain the medical need for the dog in February 2012, the Trump Village sent the couple a letter demanding the removal of the dog, and warning that a failure to comply would result in the termination of the couple’s lease.

And despite being provided with all appropriate documentation, the co-op terminated the couple’s lease and ordered them to “permanently remove themselves and their possessions from their apartment,” because they still had the dog.

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